Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who's Who in Witchamazoo

 About this time last year I introduced you to Mikey the Wolfboy, one of the characters from a pitch I'm developing (with my Producer friend Barb Nash) for a children's animated tv show called "Witchamazoo". What is "Witchamazoo"? Well, if you took "Strawberry Shortcake", Lauren Faust's "My Little Pony", and Disney's "Recess", and mixed them all together and poured it into a land inhabited by friendly monsters, that gives you an idea of what the show is all about. But this post isn't about the show itself, it's about the designs.

 This is the main cast of characters from the show. (from left to right: Marrina (a gossipy gyspy girl), Ermagard (an earthy witch girl), Tad (an athletic fish boy), Alex (a vegetarian vampire boy), Mikey (an adorable werewolf boy), and Basil (an awkward man-made boy).
Here they are in blue line cleanups:
Converted into black line art, feet lined up, prepped for coloring:
Color roughs:
Color roughs with color line art:
  As you can see, Mikey underwent some minor design changes since last year's post, as did the rest of the cast. More on that, and the evolution of Witchamazoo, in my next post...


  1. Cool! Of course, we don't have cable in my household, so will have to find alternative ways to watch this when it comes out...

  2. i really love basil's design! great work! :)

    1. Thank you very much, anonymous stranger! :-)