Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zombie Pirate Pete

So, I've been posting lots of character designs on this blog, but something I haven't really posted yet are facial expressions. So let's start with Zombie Pirate Pete. ZPP is one of the adult characters from my animated show idea that I've been talking about, "Witchamazoo". He lives in a cave off the shore that's filled with piles & piles of "treasure" of virtually anything imaginable. So he's the guy the kids in Witchamazoo come to when they need any kind of bangle, bauble, or trinket. The trouble is, he has no short-term memory. So every time the kids visit ZPP they have to remind him that they're his friends and they're not there to steal his treasure. They only have a few seconds after they convince him before his memory fades and they have to start all over again. (Imagine if "Memento" was a comedy.) So as his memory & mood shifts so do his facial expressions. So I roughed out a few that would happen during the course of an average conversation.

Here are some blue line sketches of a few facial expressions from our befuddled buccaneer:
Cleaned-up black line roughs:
Color roughs:
And color roughs with color line art:

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