Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vampires Will Never Hurt You (but hide your donuts!)

It's been a while since my last post. I've been super-busy moving this month, and I've had no time for work. And I'm still not fully moved in yet! But I finally had some time to make a new Breakfast Monkey Youtube video, and to tell you about a new BM villain, MAGIC DRACULA! Magic Drac is our tribute to actor/comedian Rip Taylor. As you know by now, I'm a pretty big Sid & Marty Krofft fan. Rip played the genie Sheldon on the show "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters", which I always thought was freakin' hilarious. Just the idea that these teenage boys were friends with this super-gay confetti-throwing sea-genie wearing a cape and boxers...so damn funny. And I thought, how funny would it be to have that same personality in a vampire character? The result is Magic Dracula, a flamboyant, glittery pastry-vampire. No, he doesn't suck blood, but he just lovvves the insides of jelly donuts and chocolate eclairs, ruining Breakfast for donut-lovers everywhere. Obviously, this puts him on the Breakfast Monkey's shit list.
As always, here's the blue line sketch and the color rough:
Which brings us to my next topic: I'M HAVING MY FIRST CONTEST! The contest is "Design Your Own Breakfast Monkey Villain". Your baddie can be anything you want. He doesn't have to have anything to do with food, but he does have to make our little breakfast imp's mornings pretty miserable. I want everyone to be able to enter, so don't be intimidated if you can't draw very well. I can get a pretty good idea from just a rough little sketch. Parents & friends are allowed to help! And if you can't draw at all, that's okay too. Just send me a written description of your character, and I'll do the rest! Send all of your entries to me at joeboylenyc@gmail.com by May 31, 2011. The grand prize will be a drawing of your character by me, which I'll sign and send to you, and your character will appear in a future episode of "The Breakfast Monkey", AND you get an exclusive Breakfast Monkey t-shirt! This t-shirt won't be available anywhere else, so you'll be the only lucky duck in the world who owns it! Pretty sweet, right? And runners-up will get a signed drawing of their character! Okay? Okay! So get to it, Monkey fans!


  1. You sir, are an evil genius.

    And my 10-yr-old wasn't too disturbed with the concept of Magic Drac...no more disturbed than she usually is, anyway.

  2. MD is brill, as is your art in general.

    are industry professionals allowed to enter the competition?

  3. MCRMom, I'm happy to contribute to your daughter's mental illness and psychosis. lol

    Thank you Shane. I'm quite a big fan of your art also! And yes, professionals can enter, though I *may* have to have a separate category for you guys...

  4. Are we limited to how many you submit? Just because, I have a lot of free time these days, and I want the shirt!

  5. Marcee: Family & close friends can't enter, silly. It's in the rules of like every contest ever. I'd be way too biased. :-/

  6. Wow,I love your art! I've actually started drawing some sketches but I pretty suck at it 'cause I don't go to art school or anything.
    I should try to do something for this contest but I'm totally gonna fail haha

    PS: I love that song too :D

  7. We didn't enter the contest at my house, but my 11-yr-old daughter has volunteered her services to voice the Breakfast Monkey (WAAAYYY too many viewings of same on youtube). Sound good?

  8. @Irene Did you enter anything? You know you don't have to actually DRAW. Just send me your idea.

    @mcrmom614 Tell her to send me a video on my Youtube page! I wanna hear her BMonkey voice! http://www.youtube.com/user/joeboylenyc