Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Morning Redux, Part 2: The Impossibles

 Another one of my favorite Saturday Morning tv shows was a trio of superheroes called The Impossibles. These guys were rock n roll heartthrobs who also happened to secretly be super-powered crime-fighters. So life was pretty much just awesome for them 24/7. They were the coolest.
 So, as I started taking a really good look at these designs, I realized that they must've spent all of five minutes on these costumes. They're painfully generic. Being that they're 1960's rock stars, they should have been super-cool & mod, but apparently their stylist wasn't available when they chose their costumes. And a lot of it doesn't even make sense. Why does Coil Man have a shark fin on his head? If anyone, Fluid Man should have a shark fin. Coil man is bouncy, there's nothing shark-like about him. I don't get it. And why the hell is Multi Man wearing pointy elf boots?? Did he used to work at the North Pole? So as I started sketching out ideas for these guys, I made a few costume changes while still trying to remain faithful to the feel of original designs. Multi Man's elf boots were the first to go. I kept the rest of him pretty much the same, just made his gloves make more sense with the rest of his costume. And I played up his shaggy ginger awkwardness. I made Fluid Man a little cooler, got rid of his beer belly & slimmed him up a bit, and gave him and actual superhero costume as opposed to just a boring olive green wetsuit with an big F on it. And Coil Man...okayyy, I reluctantly kept the fin and just rounded it out a little. In fact I rounded him out overall, so he looks like a chubby guy in tights would look like, while still managing to be heroic. Here's the finished product, hope you guys like them as much as I do.

The blueline sketch:
And the color rough:

One of these days I swear I'll have time to post some actual finished art...

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