Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hard Boyle'd Interdimensional Imp

I guess I have a thing for imps. Bat-Mite is kinda like a cross between The Breakfast Monkey and Batman. He's such a fun character, and I've always wanted to do my take on the lil' fella. So here he is. Again, I'm posting the blue line cleanup and the color rough. I can't wait to do the final version. I'm thinking some kind of pop art-ish background might look cool...


  1. CARUMBA!! He looks like some kind of nutty, sugar-hyped kindergartner! Still, your Mxyzptlk was great.

  2. Wait, what's the Breakfast Monkey?

    1. Hi Mitch! Sorry it took so long to reply! The Breakfast Monkey was a cartoon that I was pitching a while back with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and The Umbrella Academy.
      Here's the short: https://youtu.be/fnt__lyGIQ4