Monday, July 22, 2013

Lil' Eagles

So, an old pal from high school, who is now the Principal of a K-2 elementary school, asked me to design a new logo/mascot for his school. The mascot for the schools in the district is an eagle, but he wanted to steer clear of anything edgy and graphic. He told me that up until now, they’ve been using the Philadelphia Eagles logo. Not exactly kid-friendly. So I wanted to give him something that represented his school but was still appealing to 5-8 year olds. After a bunch of REALLY bad sketches that kept missing the mark, I finally came up with a drawing of this little fella:

My Principal friend was 100% happy with this first pass (which almost never happens, so I was pretty thrilled), so I moved right on to cleaning him up:
Incorporating a few elements that he liked from other school logos that he’d seen, I created this framework and text. Then I colored him up and colored the framework in red and white, the school colors. Here's the final version, which will now be living on Red Bank Elementary School's website:

UPDATE:  The logo has been used on many identifying school properties, including this giant welcome mat:

and this fun boardwalk-style prize wheel:

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