Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hard Boyle'd Halloween, Part 1

It's a little-known fact that I am a humongous fan of masks. All kinds of masks. But I especially love vintage Ben Cooper-style Halloween masks. I just love the bold and simplistic pop-art look of them.

(The second one from the top I actually remember wearing in first grade.)
I'm also a big fan of vintage Halloween crafts, or Halloween crafts made to look vintage. A lot of which are made with paper mache. I was looking at one of my favorite contemporary crafters, Retro Rudolph's, and I was inspired to put my love of masks and paper mache crafts together. So I've decided to design and make paper mache Halloween masks, done in retro Ben Cooper style. I sketched out a few thumbnails at work the other day, and here they are:
I don't know if I'll actually use any of these, but it's definitely the direction I want to go with them. A majority of them will probably end up being devil masks, just because those are my favorite. I don't know how many I'll do. This is my first time using paper mache since like third grade. So I'll either love it and churn out mask after mask, or I'll hate it and do just one or two and will have gotten this creative bug out of system. I'm hoping I'll love it and have a bunch of them to sell online. And maybe keep a few for myself. I'll put up a new post after I finish my first mask...

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