Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Rescue Racer Crew

I did mention that it was an unhealthy obsession, right? So after posting my Pufnstuf sketch, my girlfriend suggested drawing his little deputies (I think they were also his nephews?), Cling & Clang. That was really all the incentive I needed to want to draw them. Well, that and another slow day at work with time for doodling, and voilĂ ! They were fairly simple to do, there's not much to them. It's all about expression with these guys. But now that I'm looking at them, I think I could've pushed them a little more. Since they are little dragons, maybe add an indication of a tail? Maybe they can have cute little rounded fangs growing in? Food for thought when I actually have the time to do the whole Pufnstuf crew.
For now, here are my blue-line and color roughs. Let me know what you think...

1 comment:

  1. He called his rescue racer crew
    As often they'd rehearsed
    And off to save the boy they flew
    But who would get there first?

    Love it! Thanks!